Wagyu Smoked Rope Sausage




This time-honored German recipe of spices and smoking comes out in Schwab Meat’s 100% Natural ‘American Kobe’ All Beef Summer Sausage. The spices are blended to bring out the exquisite flavor of our Wagyu beef. The heart-healthy Omega 3 and other fatty acids of Wagyu beef are transforming the way Americans pick their beef and the Schwab Kobe’ Beef Summer Sausage gives all of this. The familiar 16 ounce size provides superb value. This pasture raised all natural Wagyu beef was raised with no hormones, no antibiotics ever. Our Summer Sausage is gluten-free and sustainably grown.
Since 1912.
Fully cooked.
16-oz pack of Schwab Meat Co 100% Natural ‘American Kobe’ Beef Summer Sausage Made in Oklahoma.
Ready to serve.
Enjoy plain, with cheese slices or add to your favorite recipe.

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Weight 16 oz


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