Wagyu NY Strip Steak Pack (2)




Also known as the Loin Strip. A premium steak great off the grill or cook top – tender and juicy. The elongated shape makes it very easy to slice and portion prior to serving if desired. And just like any premium steak – it is best not to cook past medium to truly enjoy its tenderness and culinary excellence. Dry Aged for at least 22 days and Hand Sliced by our expert meat cutters. Packaging contains two ¬16 oz steaks, and is vacuum sealed for extended frozen or chilled storage. We have produced our pasture-raised wagyu with a traditiional daily wagyu grain ration since 2012, we are iinspired to offer a cuisine quality beef that is raised sustainably, with the healthful qualities nature intended. Taste the difference. Rather than sell to grocery stores – we have chosen a different path – to offer our beef and other pasture raised meats directly to you – for your homes and families. It’s more personal that way – you deserve to know how your food is raised. Agriculture has promoted quantity over quality for too long…we want to change that. Vote with your fork for real change. Bon Appétit!

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Weight 32 oz


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