Wagyu “Denver Cut” Steaks




Though not as tender as our ribeyes and NY Strip steaks, these steaks provide full, beefy flavor. What you get is beefy flavor and juicy texture. Remember that fat from wagyu cattle has more of the essential and beneficial fats, including Omega 3 and CLA, missing from other cattle breeds and despite the high level of marbling. In fact, the marbling is low in saturated fat. So enjoy. Our “Denver Cut” steaks will give you a whole new appreciation for what beef should taste like. Packaging is vacuum sealed for extended frozen or chilled storage. We have produced wagyu cattle since 2012 and to this day remain inspired to offer a cuisine quality beef that is raised sustainably, with the healthful qualities nature intended. Taste excellence!!. Rather than sell to grocery stores – we have chosen a different path – to offer our beef and other pasture raised meats directly to you – for your homes and families. It’s more personal that way – you deserve to know how your food is raised. Agriculture has promoted quantity over quality for too long…we want to change that. Vote with your fork for real change. Bon Appétit!


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